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How to chase your character through levels in Starfield as fast as possible

Starfield is big, bigger, biggest. Not only are there more than 1,000 planets to explore from front to back, but also a huge number of skill points to unlock. Since you get those points by leveling up, that means you have a lot of work to do. That’s how you level your character the fastest in Bethesda’s massive space RPG.

Leveling up your character can take quite a bit of time, especially if you only focus on the main missions. Fortunately, Starfield leaves players free to decide which planets to travel to first. There are also a huge number of side missions and other opportunities to earn XP on the game for Xbox and PC.

Level up quickly in Starfield

A great way to level up quickly in Starfield is to visit planets with lots of fauna and raze every alien beast you encounter. Defeating enemies just happens to be a great way to get XP. And fauna is simply easier to find in large numbers than human enemies.

Exploring new planets is also a good way to quickly provide extra XP in Starfield. You get 20 XP for finding new locations on a planet. Along the way, don’t forget to scan all the resources, flora and fauna you encounter. Besides the XP, turning in Survey Data also gives you a hefty chunk of credits.

Another good way to earn XP together in Starfield to level up your character is, of course, to complete as many missions as possible. These don’t necessarily have to be main missions. Side missions such as Mission Board missions and Faction Quests also earn you a lot of XP. Choose missions that you can complete quickly and the XP will pour in.

Make smart use of bonuses

To level up your character even faster in Starfield, you would be wise to take care of bonus XP. This can be done, for example, through the Well-Rested Bonus where you get 10 percent extra XP for a short time if you sleep in a bed. You can also drink Alien Tea to rake in an extra 15 percent of XP for 15 minutes. Every little bit helps!

Starfield spaceshipsOne man’s death is another man’s bread. (Image: Bethesda)

Romance is a thing in Starfield. If you get it right, you can even marry one of your companions from the Constellation. There’s a good reason to share the sheets with a companion, because you’ll receive an Emotional Security bonus that gives you a 24-minute XP boost of 15 percent.

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