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Ingenious controller Nintendo Switch on sale for next to nothing on Amazon

The Nintendo Switch is the chameleon among game consoles. You can use the game console in different ways, and that includes different controllers. We found one that you can score for next to nothing.

The game console from the Japanese company comes standard with two Joy-Cons, which you can use either separately or in combination. But there are also external controllers you can connect to the Nintendo Switch, both wired and wireless.

This awesome controller is now nice and inexpensive

It’s not often you find a deal like this for a controller for the Nintendo Switch. This PDP Rematch controller is truly a bargain. You can now order a used one from Amazon for “only” 24.13 euros. And the best part is that this controller has programmable buttons. So you can tune it exactly to your playing style.

In addition to a soft price, the controller also has a brilliant jacket. Namely, it is inspired by the classic Super Mario games. The controller for the Nintendo Switch also has a few handy features. For example, if you have headphones plugged in, you can use the up and down buttons on the d-pad to adjust the game audio. You can even swap the d-pad, joysticks and front plate for a personalized touch.

The PDP Rematch controller can be used for the Nintendo Switch and the Switch OLED. You do this by connecting it to the dock’s USB port.

The PDP Rematch controller for Nintendo Switch.The low-cost controller (Image: PDP)

Will this be the Nintendo Switch 2?

Nintendo is busy behind the scenes working on the successor to the Switch. The company is testing out different designs that will hopefully yield a great Switch 2. A recently discovered patent from 2022, gives us a unique peek inside.

The Japanese company seems to be planning to implement the design of an old iconic handheld. And that bodes very well. Exactly which game console we mean, and what to expect from it we explain to you in the article below:

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