On Feb 15 Xbox shares good news for PlayStation 5

Master Chief vs. Mario: Xbox wants to battle Nintendo Switch

It looks like Xbox is going to make the latest rival to the Nintendo Switch. Xbox is probably working on a new handheld.

Handhelds are becoming a bigger and bigger hit. The Nintendo Switch, Steamdeck and also the Playstation Portal are well-known examples. But here may be a new competitor. According to new rumors, it appears that Microsoft is probably working on a major competitor to the Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft has geteaset that it will announce new hardware during the upcoming holidays. By this they may very well mean the leaked disc-less version of the Xbox Series X. But they may also be hinting at a handheld.

Xbox handheld vs Nintendo Switch

Jez Corden, the managing editor at Windows, Microsoft and Xbox, gave news about Xbox in a podcast. He revealed that the company is working on prototypes for a handheld console. Although a prototype does not necessarily mean that the product will hit the market. It would mean competition for the Nintendo Switch.

There is already a handheld on which you can play Xbox games. You can connect the Logitech G to Xbox Cloud Gaming, but so you can’t play these games offline.

How Xbox full plans to attack the Nintendo SwitchLogitech G Cloud Gaming (Image: Logitech)

What should the handheld console be able to do

So a cloud handheld is no longer necessary, and frankly, we don’t need one. Instead, you want to take a handheld with you on the go. In fact, for Xbox Cloud Gaming you need a good and stable internet connection to play the games, while handheld consoles are handy in places without internet. By downloading games onto your console, you can play games anywhere and anytime just like the Nintendo Switch…


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The Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch are good examples of this. These two handhelds show that downloading large games is perfectly doable. Especially the Steam Deck excels in this regard. Indeed, on it you can play games such as God of War and Cyberpunk 2077. Handhelds are strong enough today.

It would be a logical decision to make a handheld Xbox. After all, Microsoft titles like Skyrim, and Doom Eternal are already playable on the Steam Deck and the Nintendo Switch, with many other possible Xbox titles that could come with this. A handheld Xbox could be a good competitor in the handheld console market, if they get it right.

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