Mickey Mouse and Fortnite give Meta the virtual middle finger

Mickey Mouse and Fortnite give Meta the virtual middle finger

Disney and Epic Games are joining forces for their own interpretation of a metaverse. Practically a virtual middle finger, then, to Fortnite and Mickey Mouse.

A special entertainment universe: that’s the idea behind the collaboration between Disney and Epic Game. That first company is investing as much as $1.5 billion, making its biggest entry into the gaming world to date.

This world combines Disney’s characters and franchises with the beloved world of Fortnite. Courtesy of Epic’s special Unreal Engine. Sounds like a delightful collaboration, right?

Disney’s own metaverse

Disney has not yet said much about this future project, but a brief description can be found. According to Disney, it will be a “world class gaming experience” in conjunction with Fortnite. The universe will offer people the chance to game, watch and, of course, buy. In addition to Fortnite, the world will also be linked to Disney worlds such as Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar.

The metaverse allows people to create their own stories. They can then share these later with friends or loved ones. The universe plan is somewhat reminiscent of the Metaverse. Epic Games has also said before that they would like to build a Metaverse-like universe, so who knows, maybe this will be it.

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The collabo-king Fortnite

This is not the first time Fortnite has collaborated with Disney. For example, several Disney characters are playable in the popular game. Their biggest collaboration before this gaming universe, was a Marvel Battle Pass in 2020.

Fortnite has also been busy with other collaborations in recent years. Most notably, the one with LEGO late last year. Before that, Epic Games partnered with Sony and KIRKBI to create the open-world, survival game. At the same time, it also worked with the games Rock Band and Rocket League.


The 5 Most Played Multiplayer Games Ever

Fortnite is such a huge success that the game is among the most played multiplayer games ever.

Based on monthly players:

1⃣ Minecraft | 140 million
2⃣ League of Legends | 117 million
3⃣ Fortnite | 80 million
4⃣ Among Us | 60 million
5⃣ Apex Legends | 15 million

It is not yet certain when The Disney/Fortnite game will come out, but we have a lot to look forward to.

So far, the two companies are giving ourselves hope for an interesting and interactive gaming universe.

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