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What the iPhone 16 may do the same as that 2018 iPhone X

Apple is in the midst of designing the iPhone 16. According to a new report, it looks like the company is going back to the iPhone X for that.

For the iPhone X, we already have to go back six years. It was an unusual appearance, as it was Apple’s first smartphone with a full touchscreen. Still, this device in particular seems to have something that we may see again with the 16.

The iPhone 15 models all have a rather large bulge on the back. It keeps the phone from lying flat on the table when you put it on the back. However, this protruding camera does make for very nice photos and videos. Still, it seems that the camera of the 16 will stick out a lot less than its past few predecessors.

The camera for the iPhone 16

The company is currently leaning toward a vertical camera setup for the iPhone 16 for one specific reason: spatial videos for the Apple Vision Pro. The 16 would be the first Apple smartphone with a vertical camera setup since the 12. In fact, with the iPhone 13, Apple switched to a diagonal setup to make room for the sensor and image stabilization system.

To still have that space, Apple might provide a thinner camera module, which sounds good to many people.

iPhone 16 prototype (image: MacRumors)

Now that the Vision Pro is on sale, Apple wants you to be able to create special videos for it with. Currently, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are the only Apple smartphones that support spatial videos. This is because of the arrangement of the cameras. In fact, the 15 Pro has three cameras on the back, two of which have a vertical arrangement.

Apple wants to make sure that every new iPhone will support the spatial video feature. So we can expect that the base iPhone 16 will also have a vertical camera setup.

Thinner camera module

Mac Rumours made models of leaked schematics of the iPhone 16. In that image, for example, the flash is not in the camera module, but right next to it.

Still, it’s mostly guesswork now, since Apple never reveals anything prior to release. In addition, Apple still has plenty of time to adjust things since, production of the iPhone 16 has not yet begun. So, wait and see!

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