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New electric bike Gazelle costs as much as a good used one

Gazelle can be seen as the true Dutch archetypal brand when it comes to bicycles. Yet the company is less known for its electric bikes. With the new Eclipse, the company wants to compete in the top segment. And we mean that in terms of price, because they are as expensive as a used one.

Gazelle announces its new range of top models in the Netherlands with the Eclipse. However, with top models also comes a top price. In the bad sense of the word. The cheapest model costs 5,499 euros, while the speed pedelec costs 6,669 euros.

Those are hefty prices for an electric bike. This really puts Gazelle in the more expensive segment of e-bikes. But what exactly does the company offer at that price? Isn’t it better to just go for a used one?

An electric bike from Gazelle instead of an occasion one

In all, Gazelle is coming out with three new electric bikes in its Eclipse line: the T11 HMB, the C380 HMB and the Speed. The latter, by the way, is a speed pedelec. The e-bikes have quite a few similarities but have differences here and there.

What is similar is the motor in these electric bikes. This is the most powerful Bosch middle motor that offers 85 Nm. In addition, each model has a 750 Wh battery.


What is a speed pedelec?

A speed pedelec is an electric bicycle that provides pedal assistance up to 45 kilometers per hour. It combines an e-bike with a scooter. However, special rules apply to it. For example, you must wear a help and there is also an insurance plate on the back of the vehicle.

Also, all three models have a built-in GPS tracker that should make it extra difficult for thieves. In addition, you also get free theft insurance for a year with your purchase.

That seems like a necessary thing since you have a used one for the same purchase price. A special detection team will look for your bike again. If that fails, you get a voucher for a new electric bike.

Differences between e-bikes

The real difference is in the drive train of Gazelle’s various electric bikes. The C380 HMB is equipped with the Shimano Deore XT derailleur gears. This has 11 different gears, allowing you to easily beat even steep hills with the e-bike.

The T11 HMB in turn uses an Enviolo gear hub. This allows you to shift completely steplessly. In addition, it also has a quiet belt drive to make you feel even more comfortable on the road.

New electric bike from Gazelle costs (small) fortune (Image: Gazelle)

A special speed pedelec from Gazelle

The Gazelle Eclipse Speed’s motor is not as limited as that of regular electric bikes. That means you can ride it at 45 kilometers per hour instead of 25 kilometers per hour. So in the city you can easily keep up with an occasion.

For a speed pedelec, of course, different rules apply on the road, which you must therefore take into account. This model has an Enviolo Heavy Duty hub, which, like the T11 HMB, shifts continuously.

The two regular electric bikes in the Gazelle Eclipse line are available with both low and high steps and come in different colors. The speed pedelec only comes with a high step-up.

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