Nintendo Switch these 5 RPG games are must haves

Nintendo Switch: these 5 RPG games are must-haves

The Nintendo Switch excels with RPGs in its catalog. Wonderful stories and fantasy worlds are flying around your ears, but which ones are really worth playing?

It may sound crazy, especially if you often play these types of games, but an RPG (Roll-Playing Game) is a lot harder to define than you think. The world of RPGs is in fact incredibly broad. We judge a good RPG based on three components. An explorable world, strong character development and an interesting storyline. The Nintendo Switch certainly has no shortage of these types of games.

5 Nintendo Switch games for RPG fans

With so many different titles, it’s hard to choose. Luckily, your friends at WANT have already done the work for you. These five Nintendo Switch games are great RPGs and should definitely be checked out. Have fun playing them!

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild for Nintendo Switch

Links latest adventure trades in the gloomy dungeons for a beautiful, open world full of enemies to fight against. No wonder Breath of the Wild won the Game of the Year title at the 2017 Game Awards. This is an open-world game which means that you decide what you do when. So you can basically beat the main boss right away. That would just be a shame, because the game offers a lot of exciting locations and secrets to discover. A great Nintendo Switch game to get lost in for hours.

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2. Pokémon Sword

The latest Pokémon game doesn’t really add anything new to the franchise, but manages to flesh out old familiar elements even better and more refined. The result is one of the best Pokémon RPGs to date. The Nintendo Switch game offers countless options for endless battles both on your own and in groups. Meanwhile, you fill your Pokédex with surprising and familiar Pokémon. You can also trade your acquisitions with other players to complete your collection.

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3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is perhaps one of the best RPGs you’re ever going to encounter and available on the Nintendo Switch. The game has a huge open world to explore and you can build every character imaginable. With those different characters, you’ll have all sorts of different adventures. If building your own character from scratch is your primary goal when playing an RPG, there’s nowhere better to do it than Skyim.

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4. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Do you prefer your RPGs to be full of tactics and missions? Then Fire Emblem: Three Houses is without a doubt a good choice. The Nintendo Switch game is the latest installment in the long-running series in which you train heroes and send them to battles. During the game, you make many decisions and choices that lead to different endings. Pay close attention while playing, because characters who die stay dead.

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5. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is much more than just an RPG. You can develop your own successful farm, make new friends and even find love. In addition, you can explore caves and take on enemies with big weapons. Although there is plenty to do, Stardew Valley is primarily a game about slowly working toward goals. Patience is a must for this game, but it undoubtedly pays off. The Nintendo Switch game has everything you expect from a good video game.

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