Play one of the best RPGs ever on Xbox Game

Play one of the best RPGs ever on Xbox Game Pass

If you’ve got an Xbox Series S or Series X in your home, then I hope you also have an active subscription to the Xbox Game Pass on it. That gives you access to a lot of free games.

So with the Xbox Game Pass, you can get started right away with the games that Microsoft puts on the market themselves. But you also get regularly other titles. In that context, from tomorrow you can get started with one of the best RPGs ever made.

Mass Effect to Xbox Game Pass

The game in question is Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This game will be available from 6 January via Xbox Game Pass. The trilogy came out last year and gives you the opportunity to get started with all three titles. They have been given various upgrades, making them feel a little more modern. The first volume in particular has been handled well and plays a lot better than it did at launch.

Mass Effect Legendary EditionMass Effect Legendary Edition (Image: Electronic Arts)

So Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the hit piece of what you can get on Xbox Game Pass soon. But on Microsoft’s blog, many more titles are mentioned. The most important among them is Spelunky 2, which is a delightful indie game. In this title you have to make your way through randomly generated caves and face various enemies that have to be defeated. It’s one of those typical games that you really have to play to understand. You can start playing it on January 13th.

Games go away

But there’s also some not so good news, unfortunately. While it’s nice that a few games are added, some are going away as well. The most important one is Kingdom Hearts III, but also Desperados III will be out of the service starting next week. Want to read more about gaming? Visit our overview page here.