Sony ends irritation of many a PlayStation 5 user

PlayStation 5 gets much-needed feature it copied from Xbox

While PlayStation is still ahead of Xbox in terms of games, it is a very different story in terms of ease of use. So it’s not for nothing that it looks to Microsoft to improve the PlayStation 5.

There are a number of delightful exclusives to play on the PlayStation 5. Think Horizon and God of War, for example. Soon the new Spider-Man game will be added to that. Unfortunately, with ease of use, it is still very much a struggle at times compared to Xbox.


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A new Xbox feature on the PlayStation 5

Soon some of that will change. No, unfortunately major new titles won’t come on PlayStation Premium right away at launch. So you will still have to buy games if you want to play them on day one. Fortunately, Sony is changing something else for the PlayStation 5.

It will now be possible to stream games to the PlayStation 5. So that means you no longer need disk space to store games on the console.

This applies to games from the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog and Game Trial. So the nice thing about this system is that you can try games very easily on your PlayStation 5 and thereby see if it’s what you want. A feature that Xbox has had for a long time.

This will get you started

By the way, it does not yet apply to all games on PlayStation Plus. At first, only a select few will be playable, such as Horizon Forbidden West, Ghost of Tsushima and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Later, these should become hundreds.


This is PlayStation Plus Premium

Sony has three different subscription services for the PS. The most expensive is PlayStation Plus Premium. This gives you access to a catalog of PlayStation 4 and 5 games, as well as older titles such as the Vita and PSP. In addition, recently you also have access to several Sony movies. A subscription costs 16.99 euros per month or 151.99 per year.

Unfortunately, not everything in terms of cloud services has been adopted from Xbox. You can stream to the PC in addition to the PlayStation 5, but unfortunately there are no special apps yet for, say, an iPad or smart TV without a PS5 connected.

You won’t have to wait long for this feature. October 17 is Japan’s turn and on October 23 everyone in Europe can also get started with the new PlayStation 5 feature. At least, only if you are a Premium member.

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