These wallpapers for your iPhone are particularly well hidden by

These wallpapers for your iPhone are particularly well hidden by Apple

Finding a nice background for your iPhone is a chore. Whether you choose a picture of your loved one, or of your favorite Netflix series. A new update from Apple makes this chore a lot easier.

Apple for its new iOS 17 update, has also thought of fun wallpapers. Thanks to a new feature, you can put your iPhone in a very nice background. The option is well hidden, but we pull it out for you.

These beautiful backgrounds are hidden in your iPhone

Apple has added brand new kaleidoscope wallpapers to iOS 17. The moving backgrounds change throughout the day. Based on how you use your iPhone. Apple explained it in its support document as follows:

“This background uses an algorithm to move elements based on how a user swipes. The result is a beautiful kaleidoscope pattern that moves throughout the day.”

Here’s how to set the wallpaper

If you want to adjust your iPhone wallpaper, there are two ways you can do it. You can either hold down your finger on the lock screen or go to settings and find the “Wallpaper” category.

Once there, scroll down until you come across “Kaleidoscope. Here you’ll find six different kaleidoscope and eight flower patterns. They have dark and light modes. That means you can use the backgrounds in both light and dark modes. Once you select a pattern, you can set it as the background for the lock screen and home screen.

New features of iOS 17

The dazzling wallpapers are not the only new features of iOS 17. One of the new updates is a major benefit for iPhone 15 users.

Thanks to iOS 17, the new smartphone is a lot more alert. If you accidentally press action button, the device no longer activates. Only if you hold it down for a longer time.

It’s a feature, which probably prevents a lot of pocket calls. Curious about what we think of the new iPhone 15? You can read our first impression here.

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