Impressive toy Tesla is the perfect gift for your kids

Impressive toy Tesla is the perfect gift for your kids

Starting today it is possible to provide your child with a real Tesla. The American company is launching its much talked about electric Cyberquad in the Netherlands.

If you want to see your child flying across the lawn at breakneck speed (and have just a little too much money), you have already found the ideal gift for the holidays.


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Tesla Cyberquad: the gift for your kids

In terms of design, the Cyberquad will look recognizable. Tesla has based the design on the Cybertruck due later this year.

It is armed with an all-steel frame, padded seat and rear suspension with disc brakes. In addition, the Tesla for kids also features LED light bars, giving it a cool look.

The Cyberquad features two speed modes, a reverse mode and has a range of 19.3 kilometers. Ideal for children between the ages of 8 and 12, in other words.

While the concept is fantastic and you can give your child an excellent toy, as a parent you have to pay deep into the pocket for it. Tesla’s electric quad has a suggested retail price of €1990.

Impressive toy Tesla is the perfect gift for your kids (Image: Tesla)

All specifications at a glance

Should you be interested in the Tesla Cyberquad for kids, it is now available for order through the company’s official online store.

For enthusiasts, we list all the important specs:

Age: 8 – 12 years old
Maximum weight: 68 kilograms
Top speed: 6 kilometers per hour (position 1 and reverse) / 13 kilometers per hour (position 2)
Battery: 24 V / 188 Wh
Charger: Input 100 – 240 V AC (50/60 Hz) / Output 15.2V DC (3 A)
Motor: 350W
Total weight: 55 kilograms

Impressive toy Tesla is the perfect gift for your kids (Image: Tesla)

When is that Tesla Cybertruck coming?

While the toy for kids is obviously a delightful move by Tesla, the real thing has yet to hit the market.

The Tesla Cybertruck was iconically introduced in November 2019, but production of the vehicle kept getting delayed.

At the end of this year, mass production of the electric car should really start after all. The chances of us in the Netherlands being able to let loose from 2024 seem to be quite high.

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