Netflix makes impressive strides with games Squid Game and Wednesday

Netflix makes impressive strides with games ‘Squid Game’ and ‘Wednesday’

Series like Squid Game and Wednesday are absolute gems to enjoy binging, but Netflix wants more than that. The streaming service is going to use gaming to ensure that viewers are even more drawn into their favorite series.

As you know, Netflix doesn’t just focus on movies and series these days. The company now also streams games. With your subscription, you can play a number of games for free on your phone. If it is up to the streaming service, many more should be added, such as Squid Game and Wednesday.


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Gaming with Netflix titles like Wednesday and Squid Game

Currently, you can already find several games in Netflix that are based on series and movies. These include game versions of Stranger Things and Narcos, but there are also popular games on the service that have nothing to do with series and movies such as Exploding Kittens and Ghost Detective.

According to a report owned by The Wall Street Journal, these should become even more so. For example, Netflix does envision using popular series such as Squid Game and Wednesday as the basis for new games.

Until now, you still play those games via your Android or iPhone, but that will change with support for the app for Smart TVs. Your smartphone can be used as a controller through this way.

With this, if we take it very broadly, we could call the service a competitor to, say, the Nintendo Switch. But we’re actually shocked by it ourselves, so never mind that comparison.


The history of Netflix in 50 words

Netflix was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph as a DVD rental service by mail. In 2007, it began its own streaming service. The company quickly evolved into the world’s largest streaming platform for movies and TV series with original content. It now has 238 million subscribers worldwide.

Why titles like Wednesday and Squid Game are ideal for making games out of them

Netflix’s gaming offering consists of about 70 games at the time of writing. That the streaming service wants to expand this can only be commended. It is a smart move to retain subscribers longer and connect the content even more.

It’s also actually quite funny to see. Where previously series were based on games (with all the consequences that entails) things seem to be turning around completely.

Well-known examples of this include The Last of Us, Super Mario and Castlevania. At the same time, good games have come out again from movie and series franchises such as Spider-Man, Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars.

From streaming service to multimedia platform

It will be interesting, then, what direction Netflix will take. Earlier there were rumors that Disney wants to buy up a game developer, and possibly that may also be something Netflix is thinking about in the future.

With that, streamers then become really big multimedia companies that will also focus on gaming. Still, these parties are nowhere near the Xbox and PlayStation 5, but could change.

Squid Game NetflixSquid Game and Wednesday are fine as games. (Image: Netflix)

It looks like we won’t need a console for gaming in the future. Indeed, Xbox Game Pass games can already be streamed via an app on Samsung televisions, eliminating the need for expensive hardware. Netflix may be able to do the same in the future.

On the other hand, you can also see game companies slowly taking the opposite route. For example, PlayStation Plus Premium members can now stream a good number of Sony movies. In addition, it is also developing a dedicated streaming service that only PlayStation users can access.

So let Netflix do its thing and make really good games out of Squid Game and Wednesday. I can’t wait.

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