Simple change significantly extends iPhone 15 Pro battery life

Simple change significantly extends iPhone 15 Pro battery life

The iPhone 15 Pro’s battery, as soon as you take the smartphone out of the box, can be a bit disappointing. Fortunately, that can be quickly fixed with a small modification.

The iPhone 15 Pro may cost a bit, but then you have something. Although, quite frankly, that feeling is quickly gone when you see the battery drain like crazy. There are some rough measures you can take, but let’s try a simple solution first.


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Make your iPhone 15 Pro’s battery last longer.

A simple tweak in your settings can already save a lot of battery. And that’s nice, because the less you have to charge your phone, the better it is for your overall battery condition. The iPhone 14 Pro made negative headlines this year because its battery condition declined too quickly. Some users lost 10 percent of the maximum charge capacity on the battery within a year.

So it’s good to use your iPhone Pro’s battery sparingly. That means you may lose some performance from the device, but you won’t notice a whole lot of it right away. One feature of the Pro that lets you do that is ProMotion, for example.


What is ProMotion?

ProMotion provides a variable refresh rate of up to 120 Hz on an iPhone 15 Pro. It adapts to the displayed content, resulting in smoother animations and a more responsive touchscreen, among other things. This then improves the user experience especially when scrolling and gaming.

Here’s how to adjust this simply

So while ProMotion is a handy feature, you can also adjust it on the iPhone 15 Pro. Ideal if you prefer battery life to a slightly smoother running screen.

Namely, there is an option to limit the refresh rate to 60 Hz instead of 120 Hz. So this keeps the speed variable but gives you a lower maximum, which is good for the battery.

Animations may run a little less smoothly, but practice shows that your eyes get used to this fairly quickly. However, it is wise to use the maximum of 120 Hz when you are gaming.

Simple change significantly extends iPhone 15 Pro battery life

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Accessibility > Move. If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you’ll see the box “Limit speed.” Check it and you’ll save on your battery.

Although we’re using the iPhone 15 Pro as an example in this article, it’s worth noting that it also works on older models. Consider the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) and iPhone 14 Pro (Max).

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