Samsung Galaxy Unpacked heres how to watch the unveiling of

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: here’s how to watch the unveiling of the S24

It’s tonight: we finally get to see the Samsung Galaxy S24 and possibly other gadgets during Galaxy Unpacked. You can watch the event live and we’ll tell you how.

These days, every major manufacturer has a sizable event where it shows off its new flagship. For example, we know that Apple presents a new iPhone every year sometime in September, and Google has the Made by Google event for the Pixel.

Samsung also has its own smartphone event twice a year under the guise of Galaxy Unpacked. Last summer it was time for Z Fold and Flip 4 and now it is time for the Samsung Galaxy S24 line.

Here’s how to watch Samsung Galaxy Unpacked

Although Samsung is still holding its cards firmly to its chest regarding the S24, some things have been leaked here and there. However, we have yet to see if those rumors actually turn out to be the truth.

And fortunately, you can check for yourself tonight what is and isn’t true. In fact, there are several ways to check out the Galaxy Unpacked event.

First, you can simply watch the event through Samsung’s own site. In addition, you can also just watch it via YouTube. We’ve already embed it in the video above, so you don’t have to miss a thing.

What’s coming up?

The big question is what we are all going to see tonight during Samsung Galaxy Unpacked. The S24 is of course obvious, but perhaps the Korean company will come up with even more, such as a tablet, earbuds and a laptop.

In addition, Samsung seems to want to focus mainly on AI. Accordingly, the announcement says, “Galaxy AI is coming.” So it remains to be seen exactly what the company means by it.

More and more manufacturers are focusing on AI and its possibilities. For example, we already saw several AI features with the Google Pixel 8 Pro. It will be interesting to see how Samsung deals with this.

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