The Nintendo Switch 2 and this legendary RPG may come

The Nintendo Switch 2 and this legendary RPG may come out on the same day

Persona 6 appears to be finally seeing the light of day eight years after the fifth installment. And it may come out on the same day as the Nintendo Switch 2.

The Nintendo Switch 2 has been a talking point for some time now, with multiple games possibly coming out at the same time. But the new version of the beloved console has a chance to launch along with another legendary game.

Persona is a mega popular game series from Sega. The last game in the series was released seven years ago, in 2017. From report from a reliable source, it appears that work is now underway on Persona 6, and it won’t be long before it is supposed to come out.

Persona 6 on the Nintendo Switch 2

Rumors have been floating around for quite some time about the possible release of the Nintendo Switch 2 in 2025. This information is not 100% certain yet, but the probability is certainly very high. This 2025 release will include games such as Hi-Fi Rush and a new Pokémon game. This is the first time a new Pokémon game has not been released for more than two years.

But now we may be able to expect the next installment in the Persona series in 2025 as well. Well-known Sega insider MbKKssTBhz5 has revealed on X that Atlus is working on the long-awaited Persona 6. If true, this would be another huge release title from the Nintendo Switch 2.

Nothing is certain yet

But like the Nintendo Switch 2, Persona 6 has not yet been officially announced. Consequently, rumors have been haunting the release date for some time. But if the ResetEra forums are to be believed, the popular RPG game is already nicely on its way. Persona 6 will be a semi-open-world game.

The game is also said to be 95% finished by now. This certainly makes a release in 2025 possible. Especially if the Nintendo Switch 2 also comes out in that year, because then Atlus will have the chance to make a bigger game for a more powerful console.


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But for now, it’s still rumors. Many Persona fans think 8 years of waiting for Persona 6 is enough. It’s a great opportunity for Atlus and Nintendo to release their new releases close together.

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