Heres how to get a free impression of the Apple

Here’s how to get a free impression of the Apple Vision Pro in the Netherlands (but…)

You no longer need Apple Vision Pro to see the device’s apps. In fact, these can now be viewed for free in the Netherlands, but a little differently than you expect.

The Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s latest acquisition. The tech company also describes the device as a revolutionary technology that seamlessly blends the digital and real worlds.

But for that experience also comes with a reasonable price tag. In the United States, you currently spend $3,499 dollars on it. There are also a fair number of apps for the device, which previously you couldn’t test without making that gigantic purchase. But fortunately, Apple has changed this.

Apple Vision Pro App Store

As of now, you no longer need Apple Vision Pro to see the device’s apps. This is because the VisionOS App Store is now available on the Internet, just like the other App Stores such as those of the iPad, Apple TV and iPhone.

If you go to the VisionOS App Store via the Internet now, you can browse through all the categories and you can install them the Apple Vision Pro. Including games and apps that are actually made for the iPhone or iPad, but are also playable on the Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro apps are now viewable over the Internet (Image: Apple)

Scrolling through the VisionOS App Store is fairly similar to any other App Store. Some apps are completely new, and some just have an additional heading added for the Vision Pro. Furthermore, you can see screenshots, descriptions and reviews about the apps and how they work on the new Apple device.

Better prepared for a big purchase

Being able to review apps before purchasing the Apple Vision Pro is a very positive thing. This way people know better what they are spending those thousands of euros or dollars on anyway, which is always nice. That way you know better what to expect from the new device.


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Still, it doesn’t make much sense for Dutch people to sift through all the apps yet. At the moment, the Apple Vision Pro is only for sale in the United States. There are rumors of international sales of the device, but the Netherlands is not mentioned.

There are also rumors of a possible cheaper version of the Vision Pro, but that too remains to be seen. In any case, the rest of the world will have to wait a while for the futuristic gadget. But yes, that does give more time to think about making the purchase.

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