Android users devastated by malware that thinks for itself

Android users devastated by malware that thinks for itself

Android users should be wary. A new type of malware has been discovered that is so smart that it is barely detectable.

Malware is not only found on PCs; smartphone users can also become victims. And now even more so, because hackers have come up with a new way to make it even harder to detect.

Right now, the malware only occurs on certain Android phones. So be alert to avoid becoming a victim.

New malware on Android devices

Hackers are using the new malware mainly on Brazilian users who use Pix for payments, reports Security Intelligence/IBM. However, that does not mean that criminals will not also use this method on other apps or in other countries.

The malware is designed to let users send money to the hacker’s account undetected. Previously, this was done using a so-called trojan. This was displayed as the Settings icon, which made users hesitate to remove it and allowed it to continue running in the background.

New malware causes Android users to be screwedBeware of a trojan. (Image: Pexels/Kemal Hayit)

However, the new malware is even harder to spot on Android phones because it has no icon on the screen at all. So it is almost impossible to tell that it is on your phone.

This is how this malware works on Android

In malware, there are two terms: the dropper and the droppee. The dropper provides access to the system (a fake app or file) and the dropper is the infected system. So in this case, that’s an app from a third-party app store, not the Play Store.

Once installed, the malware can do its job even if the dropper (malicious app or program) is removed. This can happen when certain actions are performed, such as restarting your Android phone or switching networks for your Internet connection.

This happens automatically in the background without the victim’s knowledge. Adjusting permissions in Settings can help stop this.


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Be vigilant

Despite the fact that this malware is new and therefore not noticeable, the chances of you encountering it at the moment are slim. So far, it is only active on Android 9 and below, an operating system that dates back to 2018. So the chances are slim that your phone is running on it.

Still, it is wise to regularly check your apps and permissions in the settings. It is also highly recommended to carefully research which app you download. Read reviews and check who the creator of the app is. This can prevent many problems.

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