The Quick Hap Toyota shows off new electric car

The Quick Hap | Toyota shows off new electric car (and lots more)

Tesla follows Flitsmeister with its latest update, Toyota is really going to make the electric car a reality after all, and Codemasters is the next developer to lay off many employees. Welcome to WANT, and this is The Quick Hap of Wednesday, December 6, 2023.

The Quick Bite is a new section of WANT in which we give you, the reader, a quick update on last night’s news, simply so you can start your day, in the field of technology and pop culture, up-to-date.

Tesla update gives electric car kind of Flashmeister

Tesla is rolling out a Flashmeister-like experience for your electric car with its new update. While driving, the EV’s navigation system will alert you to speed cameras.

That’s not the only inspiration for this update, by the way, as the navigation system is also going to lean heavily on features we know from Waze. Pretty nice, since the app is among one of the best in this field.


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Pixar releases film in theaters after pandemic after all

Disney Pixar released quite a few films during the 2020 pandemic. The only problem is that, for known reasons, the projects could not appear in theaters but came directly to the streaming service Disney+.

Pixar is now changing that, as the studio is going to bring films like Soul, Turning Red and Luca to theaters early next year. For the Box Office, Disney doesn’t have to do it, but for fans it’s wonderful. This way they can still admire the titles as the studio intended.

Toyota shows off concepts for electric car

Although Toyota is still a bit behind on the electric car front, it is busy working on the future. For example, the company has introduced two new concepts for the electric car.

These are the Urban SUV and the Sport Crossover. While the first is based on a realistic model (RAV 4), the other mainly reminds us of the KIA EV 6.

Toyota plans to have about six different electric cars on the European market by 2026.

Toyota shows off new electric car (and lots more) (Image: Toyota)

Codemasters next developer puts employees on the street

Codemasters, the studio that is part of EA, is the next to lay off employees. In addition, Tinybuild and New World Entertainment are also laying off a good number of people.

These are the latest examples of the drama in the technology industry over the past year. More and more companies are shedding employees, and as a result, more and more people are on the street. Something that is causing a lot of problems especially in the United States, in the absence of a safety net.

Audio disappears from old Instagram posts

What exactly is going on no one knows, but if you have old videos on Instagram, they may just have lost audio. The videos in question were posted on the platform before 2014.


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Apple TV+ discontinues this hit series

Apple TV+ is going to end a hit series. Although it has a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Central Park will not return for a fourth season.

So it goes to show that a series doesn’t always have to be bad to come to an end. Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s also just fine.

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