1701781740 New color makes Decathlon electric bike absolutely pleasing to the

New color makes Decathlon electric bike absolutely pleasing to the eye

Decathlon has launched a new version of its Rockrider electric bike. This model, with a beautiful purple color, will no doubt steal the show on the streets.

Decathlon already launched the E-EXPL 700 earlier this year, but is now trying to make the electric bike stand out a bit more. It has to, because the market around e-bikes is starting to get crowded anno 2023.

Whereas the Rockrider, as the model is called, already managed to garner quite a bit of praise with its green frame, the purple frame really makes for a very distinctive look. As far as we are concerned, this is a great opportunity to reintroduce you to this fantastic model.

Electric bike Decathlon: the Rockrider E-EXPL 700

The Rockrider E-EXPL 700 features a Bose Drive T-mid, a Deore LG 11-43 and an LG500. In other words, this model features a powerful drive train, an excellent derailleur and a solid chain. A solid foundation for an electric bike.

New color makes Decathlon electric bike absolutely pleasing to the eye (Image: Decathlon)

Decathlon shows that this combination can make for an excellent package. With a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour and an acceleration of 70Nm, the electric bike offers plenty of power. Especially in combination with the 630Wh battery that offers up to 100 kilometers of range on a full charge. Should that be too little, it can be extended by 44 kilometers.

The electric bike also has an aluminum frame (available in four different sizes), a 29-inch front fork from X-Fusion and hydraulic brake discs from Tektro.

This is what you pay for an e-bike in the Netherlands

So Decathlon’s electric bike is quite complete. All year round, this model can already be considered quite successful, and so now the option for purple colors is added. An option that, once again, gives the bike a very attractive look.

In the Netherlands, you can tap the electric bike for 2509.99 euros. You can order on Decathlon’s own website.

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