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Vacancy | Freelance editors of the Netherlands: WANT needs you!

The team at WANT looks with pride at the new website it put online yesterday, but at the same time is looking for someone to share that joy with them on a freelance basis. Work!

By now we don’t have to explain to you that we absolutely love technology, pop culture and lifestyle. Every day we keep our readers up to date on all things awesome and try to pick out the gems among all that production violence.

Right now we do that with a small team of three people and as far as we are concerned, we could use someone more. Simply because we want to do even better. That is why we are looking for a freelance editor for our website.

WANT is looking for a freelance editor

We don’t actually need a whole lot from you. All we want is for you to be logically savvy and know what’s going on in technology and pop culture.

Vacancy | Freelance editors of the Netherlands: WANT needs you!You know what this is, right? (Image: Disney)

You have a smooth pen, excellent knowledge of SEO and a keen eye for interesting angles, catchy titles and beautiful images. In other words, you are good at conveying your enthusiasm about the topics to our audience of millions.

Of course, not only is there an appropriate compensation in return, but you will also get to interact with WANT’s motivated team, with whom you will create five articles per week. Oh, and testing new smartphones or playing new games is just part of the job, of course.

If you’re interested in the position and would like to meet with us sometime, send an email with your motivation to redactie@want.nl!

Starting next year there is also room for an intern

Don’t currently have an opportunity to join our editorial team as a freelancer, but would like to be part of our team? Starting next year, we are also looking for an intern to join our editorial team.

Want to know more about this internship? Then check out the vacancy on the Mediahuis Netherlands website.

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