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The tastiest games for your PlayStation 5 and 4 that you can buy for a bargain

This week is Days of Play. That’s an event that allows you to buy really fat PlayStation 5 and 4 games for very little. Here’s our top 5.

Gaming is not exactly a cheap hobby. You quickly pay around 69 euros when you want to play a cool game. But now we are fortunate that some epic titles are on sale, like now with Days of Play.

PlayStation 5 games don’t have to be ridiculously expensive

You know the feeling of “back catalogue? That there are so many games you still want to play? This is a list of five very fine games you can buy now for a bargain.

1. Marvels Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man was already legendary on the PlayStation 4 and 5, but the Miles game was completely stunning. We also spoke with the high-ups at Insomniac, who are now working on Spider-Man 2, but to get in the mood we can one hundred percent recommend playing Miles first.

The game is now on sale at fifty percent off. The regular edition costs only 29.99, instead of 59.99 euros. For the Ultimate Edition you will now pay 45.59 instead of 79.99 euros.

2. Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

CoD is without a doubt the game that many people play. And that game costs basically nothing, if you play Warzone 2.0. But for the Cross-Gen of Warfare II, you had to cough up almost eighty euros. It now costs only 43.99 euros for both the PlayStation 5 and 4.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Amsterdam, GamingCall of Duty in Amsterdam (Image: Infinity Ward)

3. Put on your kicks for FIFA 23

Here’s a striking case. Indeed, the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 is simply cheap for the PlayStation 5 and 4. In fact, the game cost 99.99 euros. But during the Days of Play, the game can be found for less than forty euros. That’s sixty percent cheaper to get started with AFC Richmond.

Ted Lasso is for me one of the best series of recent yearsTed Lasso is bad-ass. (Image: Apple TV+)

4. WWE 2K23

We have no idea what we’re looking at. Is there someone on the cover? After all, we don’t see John Cena. Anyway, if you want to get invisible wrestlers for your PlayStation that are frickin’ brilliant, you can buy WWE 2K23 for under fifty euros. That’s 33 percent less than the launch price.

If you want to buy the Icon Edition, you also got a good deal. That used to cost 119.99 euros, but now only 80.93.

5. GTA V, the PlayStation 5 legend

The best deal, however, is for perhaps one of the best games ever made: GTA V. The game was once $34.99, but the Premium Edition for your PlayStation 5 and 4 is now only $14.69. So that saves you 58 percent.

Even the Bundle with Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition and Megalodon Shark cash card saves you a lot of bucks. That one used to be 89.99 but now only 35.99 euros.

So all in all, you can game shop like crazy these days if you have a PlayStation 5 or a 4.

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