You wont get iOS 17 on these iPhone models

You won’t get iOS 17 on these iPhone models

Yesterday’s WWDC23 Keynote was a special one. Not only did we see the Apple Vision Pro, we also got our first look at iOS 17. Unfortunately, some iPhone owners will not be able to use this system.

Of course the Apple Vision Pro, was special, but there was much more to see during the WWDC23 Keynote. For example, we saw some great new features for the iPhone. Still, not every owner can take advantage of these, as iOS 17 skips some models.

No iOS 17 for the following iPhone models

The special thing about the iPhone is that you get updates for a long time. Much longer than that with an Android device, for example. Yet at some point it’s done for Apple. The phones are so outdated that they can no longer support all the new software features.

As a result, a number of iPhone models are no longer going to experience iOS 17. In this case, there are three: the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. All three phones date back to 2017, so they have been updated five times.

Every newer iPhone from Apple does get an update. Still, that doesn’t mean you have all the iOS 17 features on your phone. Your phone may just not have the capabilities for that. for example, the iPhone 11 in the new operating software does not have AR effects in FaceTime. In addition, the model also does not have all the improvements to autocorrect.

You do get these features

Fortunately, most of the new iOS 17 features do come to models like the iPhone 11 and XR. For example, those models will soon be able to use StandBy. This new feature also makes your phone incredibly handy when you don’t have it in your hand.

It turns your iPhone into a Smart Home hub when you place it horizontally. What exactly you want to see is all up to you. Do you prefer photos or your calendar? Plenty of possibilities.

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