This is how much it costs Apple to make the

This is how much it costs Apple to make the Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro caused most of the sensation during the WWDC23 keynote. What also impressed was its high price. But is that price really that high and how much does Apple actually earn from it?

Everyone knew in advance that the Vision Pro would be presented by Apple, but its appearance and specifications were still a big secret. However, both have managed to impress the tech world considerably, as the possibilities with the device seem endless.

The price tag of the Apple Vision Pro

Will we all have the Apple Vision Pro in the future? At least not in the near future, because of the AR/VR glasses’ high price tag. It has been given a launch price of $3,499. In our country, it will probably be even more expensive due to taxes. Expect a price above 4,000 euros.

Already have glasses? Then you have to pay even more to use your Apple Vision Pro properly. To do so, you’ll need special lenses from Zeiss that fit inside the device. According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, these will cost between $300 and $600.

Of course, for the price you do get the best currently available on the market in terms of VR/AR headsets. The glasses include a micro-OLED screen with 23 million pixels, 6 microphones, 12 cameras, the Apple M2 chip and the R1 chip. None of that is cheap to make, but exactly how much does it cost?

The cost to the company

Tech-leaker and Twitter user Tech_Reve briefly researched the components used by Apple for the Vision Pro. In total, the price comes to $1,509.

Apple vision ProA completely new experience. (Image: Apple)

The part that costs the most is the Sony screen worth $700. This is followed by the assembly cost of the glasses ($130) and the M2 chip ($120). In his list, he specified all the parts. Keep in mind, however, that you must be able to speak Chinese to really understand everything.

Of course, this does not mean that Apple makes a profit of 1,990 euros on each model. This does not include costs for marketing and development of the Vision Pro.

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