1695206708 These 5 big Xbox secrets are now on the street

These 5 big Xbox secrets are now on the street thanks to lawsuit

Microsoft is embroiled in a lawsuit with the FTC. It all has to do with its acquisition of game publisher Activision Blizzard. As a result, the biggest secrets about the Xbox are now out on the street.

Microsoft has been investing heavily in Xbox in recent years. The company previously acquired Starfield maker Bethesda and now it also wants to complete the acquisition of Call of Duty owner Activision Blizzard. The U.S. competition watchdog FTC wants to put a stop to this because it fears it will come at the expense of competition and has launched a lawsuit. One in which Microsoft has to bare its buttocks.


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Microsoft’s big Xbox secrets

The lawsuit requires all sorts of documents to be provided that are then public. This gives us an inside look at the Xbox maker. Microsoft has to share big secrets that the company prefers to keep to itself. We list the biggest Xbox secrets for you here.

#1 A new Xbox Series X

Microsoft plans to release a new Xbox Series X in 2024. This one will have a completely new design, making it look like a Sonos speaker, so to speak.

This Xbox Series X has no disc reader, which means you can only play games digitally. In addition, this model has 2 TB of storage, a USB-C port on the front and a new controller. According to the documents, Xbox is also working on an updated version of the S, only no exact details are known about this.

These 5 big Xbox secrets are now on the street.webp (Image: Microsoft)

#2 A new controller for Xbox

In 2024, Microsoft also plans to come out with a new controller for the Xbox. This one will have two colors and should connect directly to the cloud. It also has Bluetooth 5.2 and an Xbox Wireless 2 connection.

In addition, this controller also gets an accelerometer for gyro support. This means that there are motion sensors in the controller, allowing you to control it with movement. Something you may be familiar with from the Nintendo Switch. Buttons should make less noise

These 5 big Xbox secrets are now on the street thanks to lawsuit (Image: Microsoft)

#3 Next-generation Xbox is scheduled for 2028

Microsoft is also already working on the next generation of consoles. This one is scheduled for 2028. The company wants to develop a hybrid gaming platform that can fully harness the power of the cloud.

Because it’s hybrid, you’ll spend a lot less money than the Xbox costs now. You would need a $99 gadget, according to the leaked pitch.

samsung xboxGame Pass on a Samsung TV. (Image: Samsung)

#4 The future of Bethesda games

Starfield is a huge success. This Bethesda game is exclusive to Xbox and PC, so PlayStation owners can whistle for it. In the future, Microsoft wants to do this with more games. For example, Elder Scrolls VI, the game series to which Skyrim belongs, should also be exclusive to Xbox and PC.

Several games have also been leaked that have not yet been announced. These include remasters of Oblivion and Fallout 3. Also coming are sequels to Ghostwire: Tokyo, Doom and Dishonored. In addition, there are also games that only have a project name yet and thus not much is known about them.

The Elder Scrolls VI SkyrimThe Elder Scrolls VI (Image: Bethesda)

#5 Microsoft dreams of taking over Nintendo

Due to the lawsuit, emails from Microsoft’s Gaming CEO Phil Spencer are also public. In August 2020, he emailed with two Microsoft marketing bosses that Nintendo is the company’s most important asset in gaming.

So the Xbox boss writes in the emails that “taking over Nintendo would be the moment in his career. He thinks it would be a good move for both companies. Given that the FTC already wants to put a stop to the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, it seems very unlikely that a takeover of Nintendo will ever be approved.

Super Mario, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Microsoft, Games (Image: Universal Studio)

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