1695123146 Experts warn 3 crappy apps slow down your iPhone

Experts warn: 3 crappy apps slow down your iPhone

Although there are many excellent apps on your iPhone, some of them can slow down your Apple smartphone considerably, according to one expert. High time to consider whether you still want to keep the following three types of apps on your phone.

Even if you occasionally have some fun with these apps, the reduced performance and jam-packed storage aren’t exactly worth it right now. One tech expert recommends taking a hard look at some iPhone apps and considering deleting them.

iPhone apps that slow down your smartphone

According to Axel Hernborg, a tech expert and founder of Tripplo, you can optimize your iPhone’s performance by eliminating unnecessary apps. That doesn’t mean that you have to uninstall all your favorite apps right away. Just removing a few apps can make quite a difference, the expert tells SheFinds.

The first type of apps on your iPhone to scrutinize are social media. According to the expert, these types of apps tend to store a lot of data in cache memory. They also store a lot of large media files. According to him, it is smart to delete this data regularly anyway.

More apps to look at critically

In addition to Instagram, Facebook, X and other social media, experts say it’s good to take a critical look at pre-installed apps. Your iPhone comes out of the box already filled with some apps.

Whereas the Camera app is incredibly useful, apps like Compass and Shares are usually not. Since they take up storage anyway, it’s wise to delete them right away.

App research AppleDo you use Apple’s own apps? (Image: Unsplash / William Hook)

The final category of iPhone apps that you’d rather get rid of than get rid of are third-party apps. These types of apps not only take up storage space but also frequently interact with services separate from the app itself. Removing these apps can significantly improve your smartphone’s performance, experts say.

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