1695121880 Sonos Move 2 the ideal powerhouse you can use anywhere

Sonos Move 2: the ideal powerhouse you can use anywhere

The original Sonos Move dates back to September 2019. High time Sonos came out with a new one. It is here and WANT editor Jeroen Kraak already got to play with it for a while.

The first Sonos Move was a very nice audio speaker for its time. But as it goes with tech, it gets very dated over time. So it makes sense that the company is now coming out with a new version. One that is a big step forward.


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This is the Sonos Move 2

The Sonos Move 2 is the new portable speaker from the well-known company. You can actually call the Move 2 the big brother of the Roam. Not only is it larger in size, but it also has many more features. Something you also notice in its weight, because even though you can take it everywhere with you, it weighs about three pounds. The device is dustproof, which is to be expected for a speaker you can take outside.

The Sonos Move has a very nice handle on the back. This makes it very easy to move it from one place to another. Actually, you should see it mainly as an all-round speaker that you can use in any room and in the garden.

I personally notice that the three kilos is quite a weight, which makes it difficult to take it to the park or beach. Even with the special handle. For in the garden or on the balcony it is the ideal friend.

Better battery and control

The nice thing about the device is that the battery got a big update. On a full charge, the device lasts 24 hours. Something I personally didn’t always need, by the way, because the charging stand you get with it means you can always put it back in that spot after use. For those who really don’t need enough battery there is also a USB-C connection on the back.

Although there are new touch buttons on the top, which really makes the controls much nicer, I find that I don’t use them anyway. I mostly control the device from my phone. As you’ve come to expect from Sonos, that goes flawlessly. You can connect the device to wifi as well as Bluetooth at the same time, which is convenient.

Sonos Move 2From the side (Image: Jeroen Kraak/WANT)

Sound quality to pass through a ring

Of course, the Sonos Move 2 is mostly about the sound. That too is truly wonderful. Where its predecessor had to make do with mono, this one has stereo. This is due to the two new tweeters in it. The amplifiers also provide really good sound.

Still, perhaps the finest part is the woofer. The Sonos Move 2 delivers great bass. One that you can enhance even more with the EQ in the app. Fortunately, my neighbors were not home last weekend, because it was enjoyable with mode over the top. This is partly due to Automatic Trueplay, which optimizes the speakers for the environment. Both inside and outside I had fine sound.

The versatile Sonos speaker

Although the Sonos Move 2 is not really meant to be a soundbar, I connected it to the television anyway. It’s not a Beam, of course, but series and movies still become an experience if you don’t already have a dedicated soundbar. You will have to tweak the EQ, though, because voices are not always as good…
Of course, you can also easily pair the Sonos Move 2 with other Sonos products you already have. With this, it can serve perfectly well as an additional speaker, because in terms of music, the device scores a thick enough score.

So if you’re looking for a new portable speaker with really good sound quality, the Sonos Move 2 is a great one. With a price of 499 euros, it is only fifty euros more expensive than the Move 1. That fifty euros is well worth the difference in quality.Moreover, it also has a new color. In addition to black and white you can also choose green

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