These delightful free games are hidden in Google

These delightful free games are hidden in Google

Some time to kill? You can play these games for free via Google. You just have to search for them sometimes Perfect for during a boring work meeting.

If you have no idea which game to play, of course we come to the rescue. We picked out the hottest games on the consoles for you. Simpler? The coolest games on the Nintendo Switch then? Even simpler? Even then we’ll come to your rescue. Sometimes you just want to play an easy game on a simple browser: gaming via Google is of course also an option.

You don’t need a big PC or mega gaming setup for these games. That doesn’t mean the games aren’t fun. They are perfect to play for a while when the boss isn’t looking, or just at home at the computer of course. You can play these delightful games for free via Google.


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These delicious games are free to play on Google

All of these Google games are just “hidden” in the search engine. To play them all you have to do is enter the title into Google and they appear at the top!

Let’s play Pétanque

Petanque sounds nasty French and challenging. But rest assured that it is not. Challenging I mean, it is definitely French. You could think of it as related to Jeu de Boules.

In Let’s Play Petanque, you try to throw your ball as close to the goal as possible. You can also knock other players’ balls away. Yes this really sounds exactly like Jeu de Boules. Well, at least it’s free via Google and incredibly entertaining.

These delightful games you play for free via Google (image: Google)

Fourth of July

A game of baseball played by peanuts encouraged by popcorn, corndogs, hot dogs and hamburgers. It doesn’t get more American than this. You didn’t guess it but this game called Fourth of July was released on, yes, July 4, 2019.

It’s a simple but effective ode to all American glory. Even for those who don’t know the rules of baseball, rest assured. The entire game consists of one button that you must press at the right time to hit the baseball across the field. Furthermore, you can sit back and watch as a hamburger puppet tries to run a home run.

Play these delicious games for free on GoogleNow that’s fast food (image: Google)

Tic Tac Toe

There’s nothing like a classic. And Tic Tac Toe is the classic of classics. They thought so too at Google. They made a free online version that you play against the computer.

Do we really need to explain the rules? The game exudes simplicity and is ideal to combat boredom during a lecture or work meeting.

Play these delightful games for free on Google (image: Google)

Text Adventure

For this game, you do need a little imagination. After all, Text Adventure is a text-based adventure game (duh). It is, of course, a game that takes inspiration from gaming classics like Zork and Colossal Cave Adventure. Don’t worry if you don’t know those games, we had to google them too. They’re from the days before the Internet was a thing.

Be fooled by this game in Google. It is a surprisingly large and comprehensive game, for a browser game that is. There are plenty of options to “explore. It’s a bit different that an open-world RPG with 4K graphics.

Please note that to play this game at all, you have to do some good sleuthing. Type ‘Text adventure’ into the search bar, then use the right mouse button to click ‘inspect’. Then go to the ‘console’ tab. There it says “Would you like to play a game?” Type ‘Yes’ and your adventure begins.

These delightful games you can play for free on Google (image: Google)

What would we do without Google. Did you know that Chrome recently added a new AI to make the browser work even better? You can read about it here:

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