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Whoops: Grand Theft Auto 6 doesn’t seem to make release date

Despite a December 2023 trailer, Rockstar Games does not plan to release Grand Theft Auto 6 until 2025. However, sources report that this is actually way too soon for the studio. Is GTA 6 already being delayed?

After more than a decade, GTA fans finally have something to look forward to. Rockstar Games showed the first images of Grand Theft Auto 6 in December and immediately announced that the long-awaited game would not be released until 2025.

That may be a bit long for the true fan, but in Rockstar’s eyes, it’s early. Too early, according to Kotaku. In fact, there is a chance the studio may not have the game ready by 2025.

Grand Theft Auto 6 not due until 2026?

2025, that’s all the outside world knows about the launch of Grand Theft Auto 6. If we are to believe sources from Kotaku, early 2025 is the timeframe in which Rockstar Games itself wants to release the game, but internal problems seem to throw a spanner in the works.

Back in February, U.S. Bloomberg reported that the studio wants to see its staff back in the office five days a week. The company uses quality and safety as its reason, but employees themselves are concerned. High workloads and overtime were usually the norm at Rockstar Games. Now that the development of Grand Theft Auto 6 is slowly but surely starting to fall behind schedule, they fear the company is returning to old habits.

Obviously we have to take this with a grain of salt, but Kotaku is a good source in this area. Besides, this is the only information we have for now, as Rockstar usually keeps its lips tightly sealed. Even if the studio were to come out with a new trailer in the next few months, chances are we won’t hear anything about the delay yet.

Time will tell, then.

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