Why that new Nintendo Switch wont appear until 2025

Why that new Nintendo Switch won’t appear until 2025

The rumor mill knew for sure: the Nintendo Switch 2 is coming out in 2024, but it seems fans will have to be patient for a little longer. And there’s a reason for that.

For months, rumors had been circulating that the Nintendo Switch 2 would come out later this year. But this is likely to change. New rumors point to the fact that it could be quite some time before gamers can get started.

Nikkei, Japan’s largest business newspaper, has revealed that gamers cannot expect the Switch 2 until the first quarter of 2025. But why is that the case?

Limited stock of Nintendo Switch

The first and main reason for the expected delay of the Nintendo Switch 2 is the stock of the console. The Switch was a great success, and now its successor is expected to be an even greater success. That many gamers will want to get the console into their homes as soon as it is available seems plausible.

Nintendo is reportedly even worried that the demand for that second Switch is going to be too great for the current supply. That the Japanese company wants to avoid a PlayStation 5 situation where gamers are only disappointed for the first two years makes sense.

First-party Switch games

However, Nintendo is not just dealing with a limited supply of consoles. The Japanese company would also like to spend more time developing some exclusive titles.

First-party games are essential for Nintendo. If you look at the biggest successes on the company’s game consoles, you can see that they are mostly first-party-based. Super Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, etc.


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Nintendo Switch 2: patience is a virtue

Nintendo has not yet given an official release date for the successor to the Nintendo Switch. But with all the new rumors, the chances of 2024 seem to be getting smaller and smaller.

It looks like Switch fans will have to wait a little longer after all before the successor to the beloved console hits the market. But fortunately, there are still plenty of fun games to play on the original Nintendo Switch.

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