You can play this secret mini game for free on Instagram

You can play this secret mini-game for free on Instagram

There is a secret minigame you can play in your Instagram DMs and this is how to start the game.

It’s always fun when apps add new features, and Instagram has now secretly added a fun mini-game to your Instagram DMs. And the great thing is that you can play it absolutely free and for nothing.

The secret game, meanwhile, has been appropriately named The Emoji Game on the Internet. After all, the secret game has everything to do with the emojis that can send in your Instagram conversations. And this is how you can play the game.

Free Instagram minigame

The first thing you need to do is launch the Instagram app and go to your private conversations. This is where you send an emoji to a random person. It is important that you only send one emoji, with no text. Once you have sent the emoji you can click on it and voila, the new secret Instagram game can be played.

The game is very similar to pong of old. An emoji appears on your screen, the one you sent. And you have to make sure that this emoji does not touch the ground. You have to keep bouncing the emoji up by using some kind of wall.

You can play this secret minigame for free on Instagram (Image: Lucas van de Wetering)

The longer you continue with the Instagram game, the more difficult the game becomes. Also, at a certain number of emoji, something special happens. For example, the caterpillar emoji turns into a butterfly if your score is high enough. The game remembers your highest achieved score

Not everyone gets to have fun

Unfortunately, the game does have one drawback. Even though it is available for both iOS and Android, it is not for everyone to play. For example, I could not play the game on my own phone or Instagram account, while others with the same software could play the game.


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Instagram is looking for ways to make the app more fun and interactive. Hopefully there will be more great features coming soon.

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