Electric motorhome whats in it for you and how well

Electric motorhome: what’s in it for you and how well does it work?

The electric camper has not been among us for very long. So it is not crazy that you are still hesitating, but is it necessary?

Of every vehicle you can think of, an electric counterpart exists anno 2024. From the familiar car to a crazy watercraft that you have to assemble yourself.

The electric motor home also belongs in the list. You normally take the huge car on the most distant trips, but does it work with an electric motor? Here’s the thing.

What is an electric motorhome?

An electric motorhome actually has exactly the same benefits you would expect from an electric car. The vehicle is environmentally friendly because it is equipped with an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. As a result, you don’t emit greenhouse gases and the earth is very happy with you.

But it doesn’t stop there. The electric motor also means that the electric motorhome requires less maintenance. For example, with an electric motorhome, there are no parts such as an exhaust, gearbox or clutch that can wear out. Therefore, those parts do not need to be replaced, which saves money in the long run.

Peugeot e-rifter VandererPeugeot e-rifter Vanderer (Image: Peugeot)

Not to mention that charging an electric camper is also cheaper than a diesel or gasoline option. Although you still don’t have a huge number of options for recharging, more and more charging stations can be found in the Netherlands. According to the ANWB, you can now find about 140,000 public charging stations in the Netherlands.

In addition to environmental and wallet benefits, an electric motorhome is also more practical. In fact, EVs drive a lot quieter and smoother than combustion engine vehicles. This makes them more comfortable and pleasant to drive, especially on long trips.

How well do they really work?

There are plenty of people who still have doubts about electric driving. And we totally understand that. The vehicles are generally a tad more expensive than gasoline options, and you sometimes sacrifice some range.

It may sound odd, but we can both deny and confirm both points. According to NKC (Dutch Camping Car Club), electric campers are more expensive in terms of gross purchase price than the traditional internal combustion engine version. But because the high bpm rate (until 2024) of an “ordinary” diesel bus does not apply to the e-camper bus, the net price difference at the bottom of the line is less than it seems.

On vacation with an e-camper vanTime to enjoy! (Image: Unsplash)

With electric vehicles, range always depends heavily on weather conditions. Especially with a heavy electric motorhome. In addition, the range depends entirely on the way you drive and the corresponding speed. On average, most e-campers travel about 250 kilometers on a single charge. At a rapid charging station you will have a battery of 80 percent in about thirty minutes.

Whether the electric motorhome is for you, you will have to find out for yourself. Still, it is really worth looking into. If you prefer to stick with the electric car, we have another delightful list for you. Check out the article below:

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