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4 iPhone apps experts say you want to delete as soon as possible

Does your iPhone give a notification every so often that your storage is full? Deleting 4 specific apps will make your storage space a little less cramped again.

Aside from the irritating pop-ups, you’re also faced with another problem: there’s no more storage space available on your iPhone for backups of WhatsApp, for example, and you can no longer store photos in iCloud.

Uninstall these iPhone apps for more storage

Tech expert Johan Alexander tells SheFinds what you can do about it.

#1 iMovie

Although iMovie on iPhones is usually used a bit less often than on computers, it does take up storage space. If you don’t use the app, it’s better to uninstall it. That way, you’ll avoid cluttering your smartphone with special video effects and transitions that you don’t use anyway.

#2 TikTok from your iPhone

TikTok is not only incredibly addictive (and controversial), but it also takes up a lot of storage space. These include large amounts of cached files, temporary files and downloaded content. Over time, this can add up considerably and thus take up a lot of your iPhone’s storage capacity.

TikTok app on iPhoneThe app (Image: Solen Feyissa / Unsplash)

If you don’t use the app often or just want to get rid of TikTok, it’s smart to delete the iPhone app completely. If you don’t want to do this, it’s best to delete the cache, data and downloaded content through the app’s settings.

#3 GarageBand

If you’re not a musician, GarageBand is probably an app you’d rather lose than get rid of. The iPhone app is filled with sounds, instruments and effects that eat away at your precious storage space. Get rid of it!

#4 Keynote from your iPhone

Keynote is a handy app for creating presentations, but tell me honestly: how often do you use the app on your iPhone? If the answer – like ours – is little or none, then it’s time to kick this app off your phone as well. Again, the rule is: don’t use an app? Then delete it.

Man holding iPhone in handsPhoney (Image: Derick Anies / Unsplash)

There’s more…

Besides these are not the only 4 apps that can help free up storage space, there are more aspects that take up space on your iPhone. Consider videos, photos, music and games.

Through your iPhone settings, you can see what exactly is taking up the most space. Go to Settings, go to General and tap iPhone storage. Wait a moment and a handy overview will appear. That way you’ll know right away which content is best to delete.

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