5 improvements the much discussed new iMac could really use

5 improvements the much-discussed new iMac could really use

If a touch of truth serum has been put into the rumor mill, a brand new iMac is coming later this year! However, there are some things that could really be improved in this upcoming all-in-one PC from Apple.

Apple doesn’t often announce products before they are released, so officially we don’t know about anything yet. But if Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman is to be believed, there will be a new iMac model with an M3 doc under the hood in the second half of 2023. Hopefully we’ll see the following improvements.

iMac 2023: upgrades we’re hoping for

There are a number of upgrades we’re looking forward to. Here they come.

#1 More ports

All-in-one PCs are designed to be minimalist, but Apple may have gone a bit overboard with the lack of ports. The 2021 entry-level 24-inch iMac has only two Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Although the more expensive models add two more USB-C connections, it’s a bit on the low side for anyone who wants to use the device for creative purposes or work. More ports please!

#2 Height adjustable

Additional ports can be added by means of a USB hub, but what you can’t change that much as a consumer is the ergonomics of the iMac. The screen of the 2021 version can tilt, but that’s about it.

iMac ColorsThe new colors. (Image: Apple / Screenshot)

We would like to see the ability to adjust the height without having to use a stack of books. Also missing is the option to rotate the screen horizontally, which is a big miss as far as we’re concerned. Apple, are you listening?

#3 Cheaper iMac

With a price tag starting at 1,570 euros, the 2021 24-inch iMac is not exactly cheap. In fact, for a small upgrade to a slightly more powerful GPU and more ports, you’ll spend at least 1,800 euros.

On top of that, in our opinion, the performance is not quite balanced with the price. As far as we are concerned, mainly the entry-level configuration may therefore be considerably cheaper. Is a price around 1,000 euros really too much to ask?

#4 Bigger screen

It looks like the iMac will once again get a 24-inch screen this year. While that’s big enough for many people, we’d also like to see a 27-inch model (or even bigger).

iMac colorsThinner than ever (Image: Apple / Screenshot)

It gives more space to work with and is large enough to easily place multiple windows side by side for ultimate productivity. It also makes watching Ted Lasso and other cool Apple series a lot more enjoyable.

#5 Face ID

The middle and high-end models of the 2023 iMac will come with a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. What we really want to see in Apple’s next all-in-one PC, however, is Face ID.

Plenty of Windows PCs have been providing this feature for years, but Apple once again lags behind when it comes to logging in with facial recognition. As far as we’re concerned, it’s high time to change that.

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