AirPods Max how lawsuit is behind reduced noise cancellation

AirPods Max still gives users a problem after 2.5 years

The AirPods Max have been on the market for about 2.5 years now. Yet a number of users are reporting problems that have been there since the beginning. Here’s what’s going on.

In December 2020, Apple launched the AirPods Max. It’s the company’s most luxurious headphones and therefore also comes with a price tag of $629. For such an amount, you expect perfect headphones, but unfortunately that is not the case for every user.

Problems with the AirPods Max

Many owners of the AirPods Max report experiencing condensation in the ear pads of the headphones 2.5 years after release. This is not only very annoying, but can lead to bigger problems with the AirPods Max.

Condensation in the AirPods Max occurs when users wear the headphones for long periods of time. It is a problem that occurs with several headphones, but with Apple’s it seems to be a bit more severe. When this condensation forms droplets, which then get into the speaker holes, problems can occur.

Although many complaints can be found online, Apple does not consider it a major problem. In California, users affected by this problem have gone to court to demand compensation. In response, Apple’s attorney informed users that they should be more careful with their AirPods Max.

Is there a solution to this?

Since Apple does not acknowledge the problem, there is also no repair program available. While some users have been able to exchange their headphones within the warranty period, this is not true for everyone. Still, this problem is not often discussed in the media because the headphones are not particularly popular due to their high price. Many people are more likely to opt for the AirPods (Pro).

AirPods MaxAluminum ear cups (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t do anything at all. If you are one of the unlucky ones in whom Apple has rejected a free repair, you can look for another solution.

Some repairmen claim that disassembling the ear pads from the headband can help. Then, disinfect the connectors with isopropyl alcohol and reassemble the AirPods Max. This might help. In any case, having it repaired by a specialist is considerably cheaper than buying a new one.

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