Futuristic ring Apple controls your iPhone or Mac in special

Futuristic ring Apple controls your iPhone or Mac in special way

The Vision Pro is, of course, Apple’s latest gadget. Yet there also seems to be another product being developed in the background, one that can work seamlessly with your iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch: a ring.

When you think of a ring, you may not immediately think of a gadget, but you probably didn’t think of a watch either before the Apple Watch appeared. Still, a smart ring can be an excellent addition to your iPhone and even your Mac.

Apple is working on a ring

The smart ring has been around for a while. For example, you can already purchase the Oura, which can monitor your health in various ways. Samsung also seems to be working on a ring right now, although it is unlikely to hit the market anytime soon. So Apple also seems to be exploring its own version that should be able to work with your Mac and iPhone. There were also rumors about this in 2020.

Of course, it is still only a patent, so the question is whether it will ever become reality, but it does show that Apple is seriously thinking about it. The patent application also immediately gives us an idea of how Apple plans to use it.

Ideal for your iPhone, Mac and other gadgets

Apple wants to make the ring a kind of wearable band, making it easy to scroll on your Mac or iPhone, for example. This is possible because the gadget can connect to different types of devices.

In the patent, Apple talks about a jewel on the ring, which would house all the hardware. In addition, the ring also features a touch sensor, storage and can vibrate when you receive an incoming message on your iPhone or Mac, for example.

The patent filedThe filed patent (Image: Apple)

So it seems that Apple has been working on this ring for almost four years. So there is definitely a chance that it will hit the market, but as we have come to expect from the company, that won’t happen until the concept is fully developed. This could be an ideal gadget to complement the Vision Pro, but it could also be an ideal addition to a Mac and iPhone.

A previously discovered patent actually showed an Apple bracelet. So maybe we can expect an entire jewelry line from Apple in the future, if this all becomes a reality.

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