Useless Samsung app turns your iPhone into a foldable smartphone

Useless Samsung app turns your iPhone into a foldable smartphone

Samsung seemingly has some time to spare, as they are now coming out with a useless app. This one is mainly meant for iPhone users, but they really have no use for it at all.

You would think developers at Samsung would have enough to do, but that’s not always the case. They have really developed an insane app with which they want to persuade iPhone owners to buy a Galaxy Z Fold5 or Z Flip5. But is this really the way?

Testing the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 on your iPhone?

Samsung has the Try Galaxy web app. This is supposed to give you a feel for what it’s like to have a Z Fold. Then again, that’s obviously a bit strange if it has to be done via the browser, and especially if you want to test a Galaxy Z Fold5 on an iPhone. They are two completely different phones.

Yet Samsung has come up with a special way to do that. One where you really think: what is this? Namely, for this you need a second iPhone that you have to connect to the first one. This way you have to simulate the unfolded screen of the Z Fold 5, so to speak.

Once you have two iPhones connected to the web app, Samsung shows video demonstrations showing users what to expect. It should give a sense of how easily you can switch between different programs on a larger screen.


The folding itself is then not simulated, although you can try to simulate this by laying the two phones on top of each other. However, it seems mostly useless.

Useless Samsung app turns your iPhone into a foldable smartphoneThe Fold 5. (Image: Samsun)

For the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, it gets even a tad trickier. The smaller screen on the front cannot be displayed on any other phone. As a result, you only see the big screen, which means it could also be a normal Galaxy S23, which can also be found in the app.

However, it is possible to get an impression of the FlexCam mode. This is a special feature to take hands-free photos by putting the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 or Z Flip5 in a special position. But again, you get the same aspect as with the two screens, it is a totally different device.

So it’s nice that Samsung is trying to persuade other users to buy a Z Fold5 or Z Flip 5, but the web app is actually completely useless. If you do consider buying a foldable device, it’s better to just test it in a store.

Nevertheless, do you still want to test the digital version? Then you can go to the special website and scan a QR code there. Then the website will load in Safari.

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