Why this is the worst time to buy a Macbook

Why this is the worst time to buy a Macbook

Those who have been looking for a new Mac, iMac, MacBook or Mac mini for some time now are better off putting off their purchase for now. In fact, with WWDC23 coming up, getting a new Apple computer into your home is a particularly bad idea.

The best time to buy a Mac is, as far as we’re concerned, almost any time in a year. But there are now exceptions. Those in the market for a new computer, we would really recommend waiting until Tuesday, the day after WWDC23.

Why you don’t want to buy a Mac or MacBook for a while

Only people who have been living under a rock for the past few weeks may not know that WWDC23, Apple’s annual developer conference, is just around the corner. Next Monday, the American company will announce various software for devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. But there is also hardware to be found.

Although many people are talking about Apple’s VR glasses, no doubt the event will also be filled with other hardware, such as the Mac and MacBook. Although we don’t yet know exactly which model will be announced.

Will Apple come out with a new Mac Pro, will the MacBook Air finally get a 15-inch variant or will it be the Mac Studio that comes with a new chip? We don’t know, which is why delaying your purchase is a smart idea.

Brand new Mac can get old fast

Since we don’t know exactly what products will be announced, it’s possible that your brand new MacBook or Mac will become obsolete overnight. That doesn’t matter in principle, but those who pay full price for a powerful Mac Studio now will still have a nasty feeling when an even more powerful variant is up for grabs a few days later.

M1 iMac in bluePretty blue is not ugly (Image: Apple)

Sour for those who want the best of the best, but also for consumers who care a little less. Once the new models are announced, there is a pretty good chance that current models will drop in price. Or that owners of those current models will choose to put them up for sale already, so they can buy a new model.

So all in all, it’s smart to put off your purchase for a while, because both in price and performance, WWDC23 could change the market significantly.

What do we expect during WWDC23?

During WWDC23 (the Worldwide Developers Conference), Apple will mainly announce new software. Think iOS 17, iPadOS 17 and macOS 14, but there will definitely be hardware at the event as well. For example, people have been talking for months about the arrival of an Apple VR headset.

To take you through the expectations, we have put together an overview article. It can be read at the link below.

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