1641305796 Apple schnappt sich Brad Pitts neuen F1 Film von Netflix Radar

Apple snatches Brad Pitt’s new F1 movie from Netflix’s nose

Apple has struck a major blow for its streaming service Apple TV+. It’s keeping Brad Pitt’s new F1 movie out of the hands of Netflix.

Apple isn’t afraid to spend money on streaming service Apple TV+. The company is bringing in one big director and actor after another for the movies and series on the platform. Now it’s at it again, because it manages to bring in a major film by Brad Pitt. This puts it ahead of other streaming services like Netflix, which was also interested in the title.

Apple TV+ wins the battle of the competition

Netflix, Sony and Amazon all wanted Brad Pitt’s new movie, but in the end Apple TV+ is going to win it. In the title, the actor plays a Formula One driver who comes out of retirement to take a younger driver under his wing.

The film involves a number of big names. For example, it is directed by Joseph Kosinski, who was previously responsible for Tron and the yet-to-be-released film Top Gun: Maverick. Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton is also involved in the new title, but what role he plays in front of or behind the scenes is unknown. The official F1 organization is not yet involved in the film.

Apple TV+ has had to pay handsomely for the new film. Deadline reports that the streaming service laid out between 130 and 140 million for the new title. So it has plenty of confidence in the production.

Brad Pitt stays busy

By the way, it’s not the first movie starring Brad Pitt that Apple TV+ has raked in. It was previously announced that he will also star in a thriller with George Clooney, in which the two are lone wolf fixers. That film is being directed by Spider-Man director Jon Watts.