1682581105 Artificial Arie Boomsma possibly next big Apple project

Artificial Arie Boomsma possibly next big Apple project

A personal trainer costs tons of money. Especially if you want Arie Boomsma of course. Apple is working on a striking alternative that will also save you money.

You see, Apple is working on an interesting project that has everything to do with AI, or artificial intelligence. No, it’s not a ChatGPT alternative, because this is all about training and exercise. A kind of digital Arie Boomsma.

Arie Boomsma on your iPhone?

Apple, of course, is no stranger when it comes to exercise. With the Apple Watch, it is already fully committed to healthy. Moreover, in the different countries it has the subscription service Fitness+ that also allows exercises.

Soon it should go one step further. According to the reliable Bloomberg, Apple is working on a project called Quartz. In this project, the company links together various data that will use AI to help you train even better. In other words, a kind of digital Arie Boomsma.

This digital Arie Boomsma will give you nutrition, fitness and sleep tips so that you become even better and healthier. Something that doesn’t seem very difficult, since you can already see this data in the Health app if you have several other apps linked to it. So AI will take care of turning all that data into useful workout and nutrition advice.

According to Bloomberg, we won’t have to wait very long. The medium says Apple plans to introduce the digital Arie Boomsma next year, although it is still holding back.

Apple Fitness+ Arie Boomsma healthFitness+. No Arie Boomsma, but good workouts. (Image: Apple)

Apple comes up with even more features for Health app

The digital Arie Boomsma is not the only thing Apple wants to do in terms of health. The same Bloomberg document also states that the company wants to bring the Health app to the iPad. It should become part of iPadOS 17, making it even easier to share health information between doctor and patient.

But Apple isn’t just going to monitor your physical health. Mental health will also get more attention in the Health app. There will be a special emotion tracker. In it, users can record their own mood daily and answer questions. With this, periods can be compared with each other.

Apple has additionally been working on a non-invasive glucose monitor for some time. In this, the company seems to have made progress. Of course, it would be very nice if diabetics no longer had to take pricks to get their blood sugar readings.

In short, Apple lets you exercise even more healthily, eliminating the need for the real Arie Boomsma.

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