Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro find their way to

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro find their way to the iPad

It’s a great day for Apple’s pro-apps team! Apple has just announced that Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are finally officially coming to the iPad. Previously, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro were only available on the Mac. With the release of these apps on the iPad, users can unleash their creativity on the go at a professional level.

According to Bob Borchers, vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing at Apple, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad offer a powerful and intuitive set of tools designed for the iPad’s portability, performance and touch-first interface. Both apps will be available on the iPad starting May 23 and will use a subscription fee.

iMovie makes room on iPad for Final Cut Pro

Previously, Apple only offered iPad versions of iMovie and GarageBand, but these tools were no match for the professional Mac versions. Instead, iPad users had to use third-party apps for editing video and audio.

Final Cut Pro for iPad takes advantage of multi-touch, Apple Pencil and more. The app offers an all-new touch interface and intuitive tools designed to unlock new workflows for videographers. A new jog wheel makes the editing process easier than ever before and allows users to interact with content in entirely new ways.

Live Drawing allows users to draw and write directly on video content with Apple Pencil. On the iPad Pro with M2, Apple Pencil hover can be used to quickly navigate through footage and preview without touching the screen.

Creators can also speed up their workflow by adding a Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio to use keyboard shortcuts. Creators can view and edit stunning HDR video and apply color gradations accurately with Reference Mode.

Logic Pro as a wonderful alternative to GarageBand

Logic Pro for iPad combines the power of Logic Pro with the portability of the iPad, creating a professional all-in-one music creation app. Multi-Touch gestures allow music makers to play software instruments and interact naturally with controls. Plug-in Tiles put the most useful controls at your fingertips, making it easy to quickly form sounds.

Built-in microphones on the iPad allow users to make voice or instrument recordings, and with five studio-quality microphones on the iPad Pro, users can turn almost any room into a recording studio.

Users can also make precision edits and draw detailed track automation with Apple Pencil and connect a Smart Keyboard Folio or Magic Keyboard to use keyboard shortcuts that speed up production.

Pricing for iPad users for both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro is $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year per app. Apple is also offering a free trial

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