Historical but not positive Mac situation worse than Apple expected

Historical but not positive: Mac situation worse than Apple expected

Although Apple already predicted a tough time for the Mac in the second quarter of 2023, things seem to be even worse than it expected. The American company has reportedly had to halt all production of its M2 chips for two months.

That information comes from the South Korean website The Elec. Sources within suppliers report that Apple had nowhere to go for two months and that resumed production is a fraction of what it once was.

Mac situation worse than Apple expected

While announcing its first-quarter earnings for fiscal 2023, Apple said it all: the Mac is in dire straits. Whereas the product category was worth $1.085 billion in the same quarter a year earlier, it now delivered $7.74 billion.

Although Apple initially thought it was taking sufficient account of disappointing figures, it now appears that it is doing worse than expected. The Elec reports that the US company resumed production of its M2 chips, after a complete halt in January and February, in March.

Not scaling back but completely stopping production is historic for Apple. The American company has changed production plans from time to time, but it never did a complete shutdown. Something that, as far as the Mac is concerned, perhaps exposes a sore point.

Is it the iPad, M1 or something else after all?

The question, of course, is what is the reason behind the disappointing numbers? While announcing the quarterly figures, Apple CEO Tim Cook mainly pointed to the success of the M1 chip.

iPad ProThe iPad Pro (Image: Francois Hoang / Unsplash)

“The comparison is tricky, because around this time last year the extremely successful M1 MacBook Pro was introduced,” he informed. And while that’s an excellent point, shutting down production seems to say something more.

Apple is selling fewer M2 Macs than it initially thought it would. Of course, that may have something to do with the fact that the iPad is starting to become an increasingly dangerous competitor to the Apple computer. Or that Apple just expected a little too much from its new computers. Of course, that could also…

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