How the foldable iPhone spectacularly protects itself from drop damage

How the foldable iPhone spectacularly protects itself from drop damage

Although the foldable iPhone is still a while away, Apple is working hard behind the scenes on the smartphone of the future. For example, on a technology to spectacularly protect the device from drop damage.

Apple has been researching the possibilities for a foldable iPhone or iPad for some time. Indeed, there is also great interest in the technology for rollable displays. In any case, the point is to get larger displays into smaller devices, and Apple, in its own way, is probably doing that in a very interesting way.

Foldable iPhone can protect itself

Apple was recently awarded a patent called “Self-Retracting Display Device And Techniques For Protecting Screen Using Drop Detection. It couldn’t get much brighter: the screen retracts the moment a drop is detected.

Here we are immediately reminded of the OnePlus 7 Pro’s pop-up camera. This selfie camera popped itself out of the phone the moment you wanted to take a selfie. If you dropped the device, it popped in very quickly before it hit the ground.

'Foldable iPhone protects itself in spectacular fashion'

Of course, it is not entirely clear how Apple plans to apply these tactics to its foldable iPhone. For example, in theory, the device could quickly collapse after detecting a fall. Another option is to disconnect the foldable display from the screen.

Whichever way you look at it, Apple is really working behind the scenes to develop a foldable iPhone. A good development as far as we are concerned.

iPad is up first

Rumors surrounding a foldable iPhone have actually been going around for years. Yet it’s probably not the first product category to get the treatment.

According to several reliable sources, including Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPad is first up. Thus, the model would hit stores as early as next year.

We’ll tell you more about it in the article below:

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