1690799281 How Lionel Messi is ensuring great success for Apple

How Lionel Messi is ensuring great success for Apple

Lionel Messi is not only successful for the clubs he plays for. One of the best soccer players ever is also a real goldcrest for Apple.

Lionel Messi played for Paris Saint Germain last season, but decided to leave. His new home is Miami, where he plays for David Beckham’s local Inter. Sporting perhaps not the most interesting move, but financially it is. Also for Apple, for that matter.

Lionel Messi in the United States

A little soccer fan normally ignores the American league. Even the Eredivisie is of a higher level. Still, the MLS is suddenly a lot more interesting and that has everything to do with Lionel Messi. He now plays in that league and that is creating a lot of attention, including at Apple.

Inter seems to benefit immediately, and not just athletically. People are coming to the stadium especially for him. And it also became painfully obvious this week that they also leave the stadium again as soon as Lionel Messi is substituted. Miami FC ticket prices have increased tenfold. Fortunately, you can watch the league a lot cheaper thanks to Apple.

Good news for Apple

Apple bought the worldwide rights to the MLS last year. That means you can watch the games via Apple TV+. In addition, with the league, it has an MLS Season Pass, where only the matches can be seen. With the arrival of Messi, that league is suddenly a lot more popular.

That the Argentine is playing in the United States is partly because of Apple. In addition to the MLS and Inter Miami, Apple also negotiated with the soccer player to bring him to the United States.

As to how many more viewers the MLS has because of Messi, Apple does not comment. However, the company does say that during the week of July 19 through July 26, it had the three most-watched matches via the MLS Season Pass. These viewers came mostly from English- and Spanish-speaking countries.

So even though Messi only played two games for Inter Miami, it still seems to have appeal for the rest of the league and thus Apple TV+.

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