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That 2020 MacBook Air is still a good deal for these reasons

If you want the best MacBook Air of the moment, there’s no doubt there’s no choice but to opt for the 2022 model with M2 chip. However, if you consider the price and performance differences over the 2020 model with M1 chip, there are plenty of reasons to prefer that very laptop.

Even with a possible 2023 model of the MacBook Air on the way, the 2020 version is still a good choice. Especially if you want to go for a compact laptop with excellent performance. Here’s why.

#1 Performance MacBook Air (2020) still impressive

The M2 chip may have better performance than the M1 chip, but that doesn’t mean the MacBook Air (2020) with M1 anno 2023 isn’t still a powerful laptop. For most tasks, the laptop with M1 chip certainly stands its ground.

It’s an all-round laptop, which you can also use for photoshoping and occasional video editing. The 2022 version of the MacBook Air can do that better on paper, though the difference isn’t too bad in practice. Also, if you do a lot of photo and video editing, you’re better off with a MacBook Pro.

#2 Better value for money

The price-performance ratio of the MacBook Air (2020) with M1 chip is better than the 2022 model with M2 chip, as far as we are concerned. Whereas the latter starts at a price tag of just over 1,500 euros, the M1 variant is at just over 1,200 euros.

If you like getting started with Apple’s hardware or simply can’t live without macOS, the 2020 MacBook Air is a fine choice at a more agreeable price. It will save you up to at least another $300.

M2 MacBook Air💻 (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

#3 Apple Silicon in your MacBook Air (2020)

As we mentioned earlier, the 2020 Air uses Apple’s own M1 chip. Among other things, that means the laptop can quickly wake up from sleep mode with a simple tap on the trackpad or keyboard.

There is also no fan present in the MacBook Air with M1 chip, so the laptop will never, ever sound like a plane taking off (unless you play a video of a runway on YouTube). So compared to your current Intel model, you’re dealing with a nice upgrade.

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