Swedish home furnishing magnate IKEA seeks competition with Philips Hue

Swedish home furnishing magnate IKEA seeks competition with Philips Hue

In a smart home, of course, smart bulbs belong. You can choose Philips Hue, of course, but they are incredibly pricey. Ikea now comes up with an ideal, cheaper alternative to Philips Hue bulbs.

You can buy almost anything for your home at Ikea. For several speakers, the Swedish furniture giant collaborates with Sonos. In terms of smart bulbs, however, the company does everything itself. Still, you can connect those bulbs with Philips Hue, which makes them very interesting.

Ikea has the ideal Philips Hue alternative

Ikea has the Tradfri line. These are all different types of smart bulbs. From an LED strip to a floor lamp, it’s all there. Also, like Philips Hue, there are special hubs and switches.

Now Ikea is adding a new one. The Swedish company has now launched a filament lamp in spherical form. Ideal for above the dining table, for example. This one has a diameter of 95 millimeters.

In total, the maximum brightness of this lamp is 470 lumens. As a result, it does perform a bit less than the Philips Hue White bulb, which has 580 lumens. If you don’t need those extra lumens, then Ikea’s new lamp is an ideal alternative, as it is considerably cheaper.

A good collaboration

Because Ikea’s smart bulb uses Zigbee, it connects to your Philips Hue network. This gives you a universal basis for controlling lighting.

Ikea Philips HueThe new lamp from Ikea. (Image: Ikea)

This new lamp from Ikea costs only 9.99 euros. By comparison, the Philips Hue White lamp costs about 24.99 euros. So that makes quite a difference.

As mentioned, Ikea has more than just lamps that work with Philips Hue. For example, it also has all kinds of speakers in its Symfonisk line. So you can choose a bookshelf speaker, but also a lamp and speaker in one. Handy if you don’t want to spend too much on a speaker that also fits well into your interior.

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