Living like a CEO the intriguing morning ritual of Apples

Living like a CEO: the intriguing morning ritual of Apple’s Tim Cook

Tim Cook has been Apple’s CEO for a long time. All these years, the top executive has a special morning ritual that many would not imitate him. Always wanted to live like the boss of a big company? Cook opens up.

As top executive of the largest company in the world, Tim Cook has a huge responsibility and an awful lot of work. Nevertheless, the Apple boss starts each day with a ritual you’d think he doesn’t have time for.

Tim Cook talks about his morning ritual

Tim Cook doesn’t give interviews very often, so when there is one, we open our ears wide. This time, GQ was allowed to interview him, and in that conversation, the Apple CEO makes an extraordinary revelation about his regular morning ritual.

Are you balking when you have to get up early for work? Then take a closer look at Tim Cook. His workday starts as early as 5:00 a.m. in the morning. Then he grabs his iPhone, iPad or MacBook and starts reading.

You would think it would be mostly emails from Apple employees that have to report to him, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Tim Cook starts each morning by reading messages from customers and reviews.

Here’s why the Apple CEO does it

In the interview, Tim Cook reveals that it makes him happy to read those messages. That’s how he gets to know the impact Apple products have on customers’ lives. “If you, like us, are in the business of creating technology, you want to know what it does and how people respond to it.”

During the interview, he highlights a special story about a customer who bought an iPhone 14. The user was grateful for crash detection after the driver of a car had a seizure.

Of course, not everything is positive. Sometimes Tim Cook also gets negative messages about Apple products, and he certainly doesn’t mind. That, in turn, helps Apple improve products.

So do you send an e-mail to Apple about your iPhone? If so, Tim Cook might just read it and send a reply back as well.

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