The extraordinary new bulbs and app from Philips Hue

5x smart bulbs that offer perfect resistance to Philips Hue

Smart homes are an interesting development in the world of technology. Philips Hue is therefore a very popular option thanks to the bulbs the company produces.

These can simply be controlled via your phone with the app (though alternatives to that offer even more options). But who knows, maybe after some time you will get tired of the Hue products or you simply find them too expensive.

5 mighty alternatives Philips Hue

Are you totally ready for something new or just getting your bearings on how to bring your Smart Home to fruition? We’ve listed five alternatives to Philips Hue here.

#1 Nanoleaf is a kind of ribbed Philips Hue

Nanoleaf is best known for its luminous wall panels, but the company also makes light globes that look unique. Nanoleaf’s light globes can also just connect to Apple’s HomePod and Google’s smart speakers.

By the way, Nanoleaf’s light strips can also just be integrated into your Smart Home. With a price per light bulb of about 20 euros, you’re also slightly below that of Hue in terms of budget.

Nanoleaf, Philips HueA living room full of Nanoleaf lamps. (Image: Nanoleaf)

#2 LIFX: Hue alternative with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

This Philips Hue alternative offers lights that work via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. So you don’t need a hub or Bridge to set up your network of lights.

Furthermore, LIFX’s lights support virtually every major virtual assistant, so you can be walking around your home like Tony Stark in no time. You put down about the same for LIFX products as you would for Hue.

#3 Philips WiZ: the little brother of Hue

Even though the WiZ products are part of the Philips family, unfortunately these bulbs do not work with the Philips Hue ecosystem. One reason for this may be the lack of a hub (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are your friends here).

However, that is not to say that these bulbs are a bad alternative. On the contrary, the light bulbs work just fine and the WiZ app offers plenty of options to customize the lamps. Probably due to the lack of Hub support, you also get these bulbs for a slightly softer price than Hue’s, again around 20 euros per bulb.

#4 ECOLOR: alternative with interesting designs

Besides the familiar light bulbs and LED strips, ECOLOR has a few other interesting designs to differentiate itself from Philips Hue. For example, consider a table lamp in the shape of a crescent moon, which slurps about 40 euros out of your bill.

And you don’t even need a hub for that. Mind you, these lamps you control only via Bluetooth. The price reflects this again, per light bulb you pay only a tenner.

Philips HueStill more unique than Hue lamps. (Image: ECOLOR)

#5 Yeelight: Hue alternative with Motion Sensor lamps

As a final alternative, Yeelight offers Motion Sensor bulbs for your closet in addition to standard bulbs and strips, and recently announced very intriguing light cubes that you can also customize yourself.

So a great choice if you’re tired of Philips Hue for a while. And then again, the price isn’t too bad.

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