One More Deal heres how to get the Apple Watch

One More Deal: here’s how to get the Apple Watch Ultra at an extra discount

Every week, One More Thing searches the best deals especially for you. This week the Apple Watch Ultra, which is now extra cheap at Amazon.

Last year, Apple caused a stir by launching not two, but three new smartwatches. The newest member of the family is the Apple Watch Ultra. This is also the most expensive watch ever in the company’s history. Yet it is now even cheaper at Amazon.

Apple Watch Ultra at a high discount

Do you really demand the utmost from your smartwatch? Then you almost immediately end up with the Apple Watch Ultra. This rugged watch is not only rock solid, but also delivers high performance. If you regularly venture underwater, or just high in the mountains, this gadget at Amazon will always keep you up to date.

To keep the weight as low as possible, but still make the smartwatch strong, Apple chose titanium. This is light, robust and rust-resistant. The Digital Crown on the side has been made larger by Apple, so you can easily operate it even with gloves on.

The Apple Watch Ultra, which you get now from Amazon, has the largest and brightest screen ever, peaking at 2,000 nits. In addition, it is also twice the size of any other Apple Watch.

In addition, the smartwatch also has an extra button. This gives you instant access to a particular function that you set. This could be a workout, for example, or Spotify.

Apple watch UltraThe smartwatch underwater. (Image: Apple)

This is how much you pay now at Amazon

Normally a price of 998.75 euros is quite pricey, but so now it can be cheaper at Amazon. At the electronics giant you now pay over 100 euros less. For 879.95 euros, the Apple Watch Ultra hangs on your wrist.

Want to know more about the watch? Then read this article by my colleague Mark who tells all about it.

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