Resolved iCloud Mail works again on your iPad Mac and

Resolved: iCloud Mail works again on your iPad, Mac and iPhone!

Anyone who opened their eyes this morning, poured a cup of coffee and wanted to read their mail at the kitchen table ran into trouble. Apple’s Mail app on both iPhone, iPad and Mac seemed to be experiencing problems. Those problems have since been fixed.

Apple quickly acknowledged the problem with iCloud Mail and updated its services’ online statuses page. Everything else in the Apple ecosystem seemed to be working normally, but mail was thus struggling.

iCloud Mail problems iPhone, iPad and Mac

Chances were that the Mail app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac was very slow to respond. In fact, many users made it clear online that the service itself was completely unreachable. Something that Apple itself said was among the consequences of the problems.

What exactly was going on doesn’t seem to be clear yet. However, the first problems did surface around 11 p.m. Dutch time. This morning, when we first wrote this story, the service was still not available or the app on iPhone, iPad and Mac was still not responding properly.

Twitter is not loading because you didn’t give permission.

Apple iCloud Mail has been iffy all day. Seems like a lot of users are experiencing issues. Thankfully I’m not doing anything urgent on email today.

– Fernando Gros (@fernandogros) November 2, 2022

As you can see, Apple has updated its status page and found a solution to the problem. So you can use the service as usual.

FaceTime and iMessage in trouble

It is the second time in almost a week that Apple has faced such problems. Last week, the American company also struggled with problems surrounding iMessage and FaceTime. Although these problems were a little easier to solve that those of iCloud Mail.

Indeed, Apple immediately acknowledged users’ complaints last week and managed to get the services back online, almost in no time.

Are you currently, as a Dutch consumer, still suffering from the problems? Let us know in the comments!

Update 10:39 | Article updated after Apple fixed the problems with Mail

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