Apple Reality Pro impressive concept paints a good picture of

Samsung, Google and Qualcomm already want to give Apple-VR a hard time

Samsung may have said goodbye to its Gear VR products, but that doesn’t mean the company is done with mixed reality. In fact, the South Korean manufacturer is joining forces with both Google and Qualcomm. They want to create glasses that can compete with Apples products.

When we talk about technological glasses, three popular terms go with them: mixed, augmented and virtual reality. Those terms are also sometimes grouped together under the umbrella term extended reality, or XR. Then the potential name of Apples extended reality glasses suddenly sounds much more logical.

Samsung, Google and Qualcomm vs. Apple

Those glasses are going to get a hard time soon, according to reports from the Washington Post. Samsung is in fact working with Google and Qualcomm on its own XR glasses. Qualcomm is responsible for the processor, while Google is taking on the software part. A solid collaboration, in other words.

Apple Glass AR/VRA concept of the Apple AR/VR headset. (Image: Macrumors)

Both Samsung and Google have tried to enter the market before. The South Korean company with the Gear VR (for virtual reality) and the American company with the Glass (for augmented reality). In both cases, the companies pulled the plugs on the projects years ago.

Time for a second attempt

Despite the fact that the market is currently struggling (there are many layoffs in XR departments at tech companies), manufacturers are now making another attempt. Samsung has to do something, now that it also appears that its smartphone business is not doing as well as before. So it needs other or additional revenue sources.

Meanwhile, we have yet to see anything official come along from the Apple XR glasses. However, the company has been able to invest heavily in VR and AR, thanks to iPhones and iPads that have LiDAR systems. Therefore, Apple is expected to announce the glasses sometime this year, and possibly release them sometime next year.

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